Rug Care

“Tips to take in consideration when maintain your rug”

Generally Oriental Rugs will increase in value with age and proper care. The best way to ensure a rug’s long life is to keep it clean. Oriental rugs are generally made of wool and are easy to maintain. Unlike other fibers, wool is much more resilient, cleans better and stays clean longer.

  • To ensure even wear, your rug should be rotated once a year.
  • Vacuum the rug in the direction of the nap, which you can determine by running your hand over the surface. Never catch the fringes in the vacuum or the rug can get ruined.
  • Never put a house plant on the rug, no matter how careful you are, moisture can penetrate on the rug, creating permanent mildew damage.
  • Mop up spills by blotting, not rubbing. Dilute the spillage with plenty of cold water and continue blotting until the rug appears to be clean. Try not to soak unaffected areas of the rug. Dry thoroughly first using absorbent towels on top and underneath, then turning the rug over to dry the foundation. Finally turn it upright to finish the drying.
  • Don’t use steam cleaners or chemicals. These can prematurely age the rug by removing the wool’s natural oils.